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nakis swine feeds nakis pig grower

Sow feeds:

This feed is produced in mash or pelleted form and is divided in two phases: sow gestation and sow lactating. While sow gestation is a low-pro feed, the lactating is a high-pro and energy one to give that boost to young suckling piglets in their first days of kindling.

Piglet Pre-Starter:

nakis pig starter feeds A combination of protein source, milk replacer, vitamins, amino acids and rich feed ingredients makes this complete feed the ideal start for young healthy piglets.

Pig starters
Protein 17.80% Vit. A 10,000iu
Oil 3.50% Vit. D3 2,000iu
Fibre 4.50% Vit. E 80mg
Meth+Cyst 0.62% Selenium 0.30mg
Lysine 1.00% Copper (CU) 20mg
Calcium 0.72% Phos. 0.50mg
Dig. Energy 2206kcal
Dig. Acod added
Antooxidant added
Phytase added
Nutribiotics added
This feed is produced according to nutribiotics concept. Antibiotics free.
Feed ingredients in descending order: Corn, soyabeanmeal, barley, wheatbran, vegetable protein, oilseeds extracts, fatty acids, feed phosphate, pig vitamins, and trace minerals.
Piglet Weaner:

This feed produced in mash or pellet form is used for the weaned piglets around 35 days of age till 70 days – a very rich feed for a good healthy start for piglets.

Pig Grower:

nakis pig grower feed Having passed the delicate and vulnerable age of weaning the pigs must be switched to a more high-pro and energy feed. Pig grower is designed purposely for securing high-performance in the pig’s growth (25kg – 70kgs).This feed is produced as both mash or pellets as requested by customers.

Pig Finisher:

This feed for fattening pigs is used in the last phase before slaughter (70kgs – 85kgs). It is produced both as mash and pellets as requested by our customers.

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